Art is my pulse. It informs everything I am, do, say, see. It can be seen in my work, my expression, my appearance, and my home. Art comes in many forms, reminding me of God, everywhere, eternal. The search for the divine in the humanness of everyone and everything drives and inspires me.

When I look either inside me or around me for an idea or image to expose on film, paint or make from clay, I notice the graphic element first, which satisfies my need for order and godliness. Then I wait for the gesture or indication that makes the image or object unique and personal. I enjoy finding the irony, humor, raw emotion and tenderness in the human experience. Most exciting is when the whole process is spontaneous: Divine Inspiration expressing through me.

Showing you my art both frightens and exhilarates me. I offer you a window into my unadorned, unprotected self. You are invited to react, to decide what moves you. My desire is that you feel included in the feeling of gratitude for all creation and the creativity that surrounds us.


Diane Hardy Waller has been an artist her whole life. She came out of hiding in 1996 as a photographer. Drawing and painting resurfaced and then she moved on to co ownership in La Mano Pottery studio in Chelsea. Since then, all three aspects of her art have been exhibited in galleries and exhibition spaces in New York City and Europe. Diane’s photographs appear in the award winning children’s books, “Where Does God Live?”, “Does God Hear My Prayer?” and “Does God Forgive Me?”. The Bronx Zoo uses her nature photography in signage and various Wildlife Conservation publications. In addition to photography, her paintings appear in exhibits and galleries in Manhattan and Florida and her ceramics are frequently displayed at La Mano pottery studio and other venues.

The other side of Diane is that she is educated as an engineer, worked in the aerospace industry that she left to get her MBA. With that, she was successful in the not for profit sector. After finding that less than satisfactory to her creative nature and financial desires, she sold real estate in several states, landing in NYC in 1980. Looking deep within her nature, in 1993, she was ordained as a minister. All in all, it came back to art. Today, Diane is happily painting, taking photographs and making pottery.