My vision of the world is that there is a mathematical order that ties together the symbolism related to the spontaneity of life. So I strive to combine in my art the spontaneity of nature with the order of mathematical and physical laws in a style that I call Scientific Visual Zen. The spirit of Zen implies harmony, purity, respect, and tranquility.


Rose Haftka graduated in 1979 from the ITT Institute of Design, Chicago and later perused a M.A. in political science from William & Mary. Some of her work includes mixed media on paper, silk, and Plexiglas. Lighted multiple transparencies. Computer images of old and new technologies on embossed paper with mixed media. Images are mounted on oriental silk scrolls, matted or mounted on canvas.

Her work creates a personal and coherent mythology out of the so-called "objective" science and technology that our culture has made mysterious and incomprehensible. She probes its mythic potential, and created vision by embedding technological symbols and electronic debris in a chorus of color and rich minerals.

Her work has been exhibited in Israel, Japan, and throughout the U.S.