I begin painting almost blindly. In the process of repainting, I struggle to strike a balance between the initial sense of natural wildness and an orderly, calm paint surface that appears as simple as breathing.

For the past several years it has been all about oil painting, with occasional long cool dips into drawing and collage for refreshment, like the works shown here.


Arriving in New York from the Pacific Northwest in those heady years of the mid 1970s, I roamed the streets sketching, haunted museums and studied drawing, painting and printmaking at the Art Students League. Loft studios, East Harlem first, then South Brooklyn, were the proving ground. Cross-cultural art shows and NY Feminist Art Institute workshops provided a lively scene for multi-media experimentation.

The wonderful, alive surroundings of Astoria and Long Island City became the next deep influence, always with the inner eye turned to my western roots, as the work matured. Most recently, a move to Staten Island brought rediscovery of New York Harbor, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, and a whole new way of looking at my adopted city.

The work is represented in private collections internationally and has been exhibited in Japan, Korea and throughout the U.S.